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    Information management systems for a microfinance: case study DTS Microfinance
    (Kampala International University; College of Education Open and Distance Learning, 2008-12) Adam, Ibrahim A.
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    Web based library information system for a secondary school: A case study of Lubiri High School
    (College of Education, Open & Distance Learning, 2009-08) Ocen, Rita
    The main objective of the project was to design a web based library system that provides efficient data storage and accessibility. The specific objectives of the project were; to study the current system and make recommendations for improvement, to design a system with improved data accessibility, to develop a system that provides security to the library information and to test the system…
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    Gender chemistry concepts' perception and its effects on students’ academic performance in selected secondary schools of central Divsion, Mombasa district, Kenya
    (Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning, 2009-08) Matunda Mlekenyi, Donatha
    The major purpose of the study was to investigate Gender chemistry concepts' perception and its effects on academic performance of students in selected Secondary schools of Central Division, Mombasa District. The specific objectives of the study were to examine the factors affecting gender and academic performance in chemistry, to analyze student's attitude towards the academic performance of chemistry and to analyze the solutions to the factors affecting gender and academic performance in chemistry. The methods used for data collection were questionnaires to students and interviews were held with the teachers. 17ze study revealed that some cultural norms discourage female students in chemistry s as they compare boys to be superior to girls in all the aspects of life The study revealed that sex difference affects gender and academic pe1formance in chemistry. Boys perform better than girls because some girls think that chemistry is for only boys. It was also revealed that biological factors and Cognitive affect performance in chemistry The study revealed that some student especially the girls believe that the subject is difficult so they do not put in any effort to improve in the subject thus poor performance The study also revealed that some teachers have some negative attitudes towards students especially the girls in chemistry and therefore girls tend to hate the subject and hence poor performance 17ze study revealed that most of the girls in all schools have a belief that chemistry is for the boys and believe that it is the boys who like chemistry since it is difficult. Trained and qualified teachers should be employed Teachers should always encourage the student towards the subject other than discouraging them The government should build single sex schools since students understand well by their same sex students Students especially the girls who have a biased attitude towards chemistry should stop hating the subject and discouraging their friends
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    Tribal clashes and education on some selected secondary schools in Isiolo district, Kenya.
    (Kampala International University, College of Education Open and Distance Learning, 2008-04) Salad, Malicha Guyo
    "It is of course well known that the only source of war is politics ........... War is simply a continuation of political intercourse, with the addition of other means" - Carl Von clause witz. War may be defined as; a state of open, armed, often prolonged conflict carried on between nation’s states or parties or a condition of active antagonism or contention Education is increasingly becoming universal. History of Education is both long and short. In 1994, Dieter Lenzaen, President of the Freie Universitat, said 'Education began either millions of years ago or at the end of 1770". This quote by lenzen includes the idea that education as a science cannot be separated from the educational traditions that existed before. Education was the natural response of early civilization to the struggle of surviving and thriving as a culture with shot description of both table clashes and education, the two factors have had a lot of effect since the ardent of shifta war in early sixties. It has necessitated me to carry out on a brief report on the significance of tribal clashes on the general performance of Education. Many are times when people live in perpetual fear, neighbors turning against one another owing to the fact that they subscribe to the different ethnic groups. The tribal hegemonies have controlled Isiolo District m general for a long period of time leading to destruction of private property, making people live in internally displaced persons camps and the unfortunate of all it leads loss of life. 1-n education context tribal clashes have had devastating effect in the sense that educational infrastructure have been turned into ruins, teachers displaced and students fail to attend classes due to constant fear.
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    Academic performance of pupils in mathematics in secondary schools in Matuga division, Kwale district, Coastal province, Kenya
    (Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning, 2010-04) Nthenya Kyengo, Doris
    The study focused on the impact of teacher's quality and teaching resources in teaching Mathematics in Secondary schools. Performance of the learners is a basic indicator of effective learning. Grade scored in internal examinations are normally used as measures of the subjects. In this study, the researcher looked into qualifications, experience of teachers, teaching resources and the methods employed during instruction. The study further established that there are other factors that contribute to performance apart from the teacher's quality and teaching resources. Simple random and strategic sampling techniques were used. The sampled candidates were given questionnaires to fill in. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used. The researcher hopes that the findings of the study will be of great importance to the Mathematics learners, educators, parents and society at large.