Information Website Kampala International University Accommodation Service Providers A Graduation Project Presented.

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Kampala International University ,School of computer and information technology
This research project was conducted to avail a centralized source of information concerning accommodation services provided by private hostels and other rental buildings for Kampala International University members. Current accommodations services provide by the university are limited. The research involved establishing the information one need to facilitate acquiring of these services by any individual of Kampala international University at any given time any where. This research appreciates the availability of internet services within and outside the university, which provide unlimited access to web information at any given time anywhere. The research involved gathering potential users requirements then designing and availing the web site to the users to evaluate its usability and recommend improvements.
Presented to School of Post Graduate Studies in Partial Fulfillment for The Award of Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science of Kampala International University.
Information Website, Accommodation Service Providers